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Esslingen University is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Germany. Its core areas focus on engineering and management, and its Graduate School was among the first in the country offering International Master's Programmes taught entirely in English.

The Esslingen Graduate School offers two engineering programmes, the M.Eng. in Automotive Systems (ASM) and the M.Eng. in Design and Development in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering  (DDM), as well as its award-winning MBA in International Industrial Management. We welcome students from all around the world for a high quality and practically focused master's degree.

  • an internationally minded and practically focused professional
  • likely coming from a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematical background (although not necessarily)
  • someone with a thirst to excel and a desire to move straight into a challenging role in the industry, once your studies conclude

The Graduate School Students come from all walks of life and from more than 60 countries across the globe.
The majority move on, to work in German companies, either in Germany or abroad. On average, 90% gain employment within 12 months of graduating.

We have a strong connection and feedback loop between our current students and our ever growing Alumni Network, who are always enthusiastic to assist and share knowledge and opportunities.

Each year we have a team of Student Ambassadors. They are available to contact with questions and general adivce about comming to Germany and life once you are here.

We like to keep in touch with our students and Alumni and you can follow some of their stories in our 'Students & Alumni News'.




  • a team of passionate professionals who care about your education and future career
  • a multi-national group with diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • always willing to go the extra mile for our students
  • connected to the major players in the German automotive industry
  • courses oriented to practice (e.g., simulation-based learning)
  • direct contact and cooperation with industry (e.g., Curricula, Internships, Thesis writing)
  • accentuation on goal-oriented leading and analytical thinking
  • emphasis on thinking critically and acting responsibly (e.g., sustainability issues and ethics business)
  • highly educated Academic Lecturers with vast experience in the field of industry
  • prepare students for professional activities while considering ongoing developments in industry and the international environment

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Esslingen is a stunning Medieval city, nestled in the valley of the areas wine growing region. It sits on the bank the Neckar river and neighbours the industrial powerhouse that is Stuttgart and the centre of the German Automotive & Engineering Industry.

Global players such as Daimler, Bosch and Festo are a just around the corner while the city of Esslingen itself maintains its natural beauty and ancient heritage.

"An experience like no other. It was the perfect bridge from my education to my ideal career"



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